Nomad: NFS mount_flags (fsc) not being honored

Hello! I’m pretty new to Nomad but trying to wade through the docs and deploy a test cluster. I haven’t been able to get NFS mount_flags through the CSI NFS driver.

I’ve tried adding mount_options to job → group → volume, like so:

mount_options {
    mount_flags = ["fsc"]

I also tried adding mount_flags = “fsc” to the volume definition, like so:

context {
mount_flags = “fsc”
server = “”
share = “/mnt/main/ClusterVolumes/ServiceHomes/a-service”

After running the task with either, netither, or both of those changes in place and inspecting the mount output on the host, fsc is not in the list of flags.

I’m not sure what to try next and the CSI/NFS documentation is a bit confusing to follow. Any suggestions would be appreciated!