RESOLVED: democratic-CSI plugin and nfs mounting fail (connect timeout)


Following the instructions here: democratic-csi/ at master · democratic-csi/democratic-csi · GitHub I was able to get some NFS volumes created.

The CSC command worked fine. I can create, list and delete volumes just fine.

I registered volumes using terraform, as suggested, and I had actions in the node storage plugins.

What didn’t work is the actual mount. Allocations took forever, and it seemed to be because there was a network timeout that prevented the nfs mount command from actually working. I’m not really sure how to figure this part out. I was using the bridged network mode for the containers, as I am not going to expose any of their ports outside of the cluster. Instead I was going to use a consul connect gateway into that app group, and then that one nginx will expose things outside the cluster.

I could get the nginx to start up, but nothing else would. The volumes would never mount. I had logs showing that it ran the NFS mount command, and it looked fine. I could run the nfs mount command by hand on the nomad client host, so it wasn’t malformed.

Is there a network isolation issue? I’m not sure what logs would be useful at the moment, I can paste my job, and I can set up another run of the whole thing to try to get more logs of the actual NFS failure.

Thanks in advance

Okay, the problem lied entirely with me.

I was an idiot and didn’t read the instructions fully to set up my freenas server.

So yeah, if you’re doing this, besure to read that link, and go through the TrueNAS setup instructions carefully.

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