Nomad Performance Tuning for Low Performance Environment


I have a few nodes with Nomad/Consul/Vault (just 2 or 3 nodes). I often see that my cluster somehow lost its leader and some allocations get rescheduled. This usually happens during high load in the node. Each node has only 2 cores and 2 GB (this is a development server). I have a production cluster with more resources and have seen this problem far less frequently. I think the default values need to be tuned for slow nodes like this, which sometimes have high network latency too. There are a lot of parameters that can be configured, what is the suggested parameters that I need to tune to achieve more stable cluster in this slow environment?

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Hello @gregory112,

I am by no way a nomad specialist but came across that recent hashicorp video last week « How Nomad 1.3 Enables Running Work at the Edge »

It talks about managing disconnected clients due to network latencies … and give some configuration tips & tricks …

Hope that helps

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