Nomad Podam Task Driver 0.4.2

We are excited to announce the release of the Nomad Podman Task Driver 0.4.2. This release includes the following improvements.

  • Add extra_labels, pid_limit, and userns options [GH-203] [GH-212] [GH-215]
  • Update task entrypoint to receive a list instead of a string [GH-209]
  • Set volume mount propagation [GH-204]
  • Fixed a bug that caused image_pull_timeout to be capped by the value of client_http_timeout [GH-218]

Please report any issues found to GitHub.

As usual, a shout-out to the community for bug reports and PRs.

Thank you,

The Nomad Team


0.4.2 Changelog - nomad-driver-podman/ at v0.4.2 · hashicorp/nomad-driver-podman · GitHub
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