Nomad Server and Client on Same Machine

if you were going to run a nomad client and server on the same machine, in terms of resource usage, is it better to run the binary in dual mode rather than run 2 binaries, one for each role?

Hi @victorstewart1,

I don’t believe we have any data within the Nomad engineering team about this. An educated guess would lead me to believe running a single binary would use slightly less resource than running two, however, I think the difference would be minimal compared to the resource usage running workload would take.

I would suggest running both the server and client as separate binaries. If you ever need to perform maintenance or configuration changes, you can do that without impacting both Nomad agent processes. Running two binaries also avoids a SPOF (single point of failure), although that only applies to the binary considering a machine failure would cause Nomad to fully stop. This of course all depends on your exact requirements and environment details.

jrasell and the Nomad team