Nomad v1.3.3, 1.2.10, and 1.1.16 released

The Nomad team is excited to announce Nomad 1.3.3!

Enhancements in Nomad 1.3.3 include:

  • CSI enhancements: Add stage_publish_base_dir field to csi_plugin block to support plugins that require a specific staging/publishing directory for mounts. [GH-13919]
  • Template enhancements: Templates support new uid/gid parameter pair to specify user and group permissions. [GH-13755]. Templates also now support a retry configuration, similar to Vault and Consul, for Nomad dependencies (e.g. native service discovery, secrets) [GH-13907].
  • UI enhancements: Reorder and apply the same style to the Evaluations list page filters to match the Job list page. [GH-13866]

Bug fixes include:

  • Fix panic on macOS ARM64: Updated Go version to fix a build problem that caused Nomad to panic when running jobs.
  • ACLs: Fixed a bug where the timestamp for expiring one-time tokens was not deterministic between servers [GH-13737]
  • Metrics: Fixed a bug where blocked evals with no class produced no dc:class scope metrics [GH-13786]
  • Namespaces: Fixed a bug that allowed deleting a namespace that contained a CSI volume [GH-13880]
  • Nomad Native Service Discovery: Fixed a bug where non-unique services would escape job validation [GH-13869]
  • Deployments: Fixed a bug that prevented auto-approval if canaries were marked as unhealthy during deployment [GH-14001]

Please refer to the changelog for more details.

Along with Nomad 1.3.3, we’re also releasing Nomad 1.2.10 and 1.1.16 with a long list of backported bug fixes. See the 1.2.10 changelog or 1.1.16 changelog for more details.


The Nomad Team

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