Not able to associate scale set Nic to existing load balancer backend pool for existing scale set

Hi Team,

I have three existing scale set in a resource group, I wanted to create load balancer and put all of then behind the load balancer, I created Lodbalanacer and backend pool but not able to associate scale set nics to backend pool.

network_interface_id is not accepted, I used data.azurerm_virtual_machine_scale_set.scale_set to pull the information about all the scale set, but no format is working. Please guide me

resource “azurerm_network_interface_backend_address_pool_association” “scale_set” {
network_interface_id = “{}/resourceGroups/{var.resource_group_name}/providers/Microsoft.Network/networkInterfaces/data4e2d3Nic”
ip_configuration_name = “data4e2d3IPConfig”
backend_address_pool_id =