Not getting latest version of Azure DevOps VCS provider

So I have abunch of workspaces with VCS driven workflow which repositories stay on Azure DevOps repo. In the last 2 weeks it already happened twice that the integration simply stopped working, that means I an not getting anymore automatic PR speculative checks nor automatic apply when merging on master. Additionally if I try to start a new run from the Terraform cloud UI it triggers from a commit of a few days before, not getting the latest version of the master branch of the repository.

Last time it happened I had to create a new VCS provider and change all of the workspaces for using that.
I do not want to do the same again.
Can anyone tell me what’s happening here?

Hi @themaroqa,

This particular problem probably isn’t easily answerable in this forum because it could be caused by various details about how exactly you have set up your Terraform Cloud workspace or your version control system, and folks in this forum cannot see any of that and so can only guess what might be going on.

I think this one would be better for HashiCorp Support, because they can (with your permission) see the details of how you have configured your workspace and so will probably notice something that nobody here would consider asking you about.


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