Terraform Cloud integration with Azure DevOps VCS

Hi there,

I have setup TF Cloud integration with Azure DevOps VCS. TF cloud is able to read Azure DevOps repository on the initial run. However, any change in the repository does not trigger TF workspace. I have to go to TF console and update the branch to main (although the default is also main) and then TF picks the changes and starts planning… Similarly for next change I have to go back to TF console again and clear the explicit branch name and TF plans again.
I see service hooks are created correctly in Azure DevOps and shows “succeeded” status. However that does not trigger TF workflow.

Can you guys share the solutions/workarounds if you have faced similar problem?


Hi there Karan! Are you still seeing this behavior now? It’s not expected, so we’d like to learn more about the setup that’s leading to the issue. Is this Azure DevOps Services (hosted in the cloud, at perhaps https://dev.azure.com or similar) or an on-prem installation?

Have you set this up previously? Did this behavior just start recently or was it working as expected before?