TFE workspace with GitHub repo running from Azure DevOps pipeline, possible?

Would it be possible to initiate a run on a TFE workspace connected to a GitHub repo from Azure DevOps?

Sounds like the API Driven Workflow should work here but the problem is that it uses the ADO repo to transfer the TF files to the workspace. At least I haven’t been able to get it to work. The most I got was to run the TF workflow but got an error stating “Apply not allowed for workspaces with a VCS connection”

Is this feasible at all? Github Repo, TFE Workspace pointing to the repo and ADO for pipelines. Would there be a better option?

Perhaps connecting the ADO pipeline to Github would help comply with the request to use GItHub, removing VCS connectivity from the workspace would do the trick.

Thanks for any answer you may provide.

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