"nrql_query" block count more than 20 in newrelic_one_dashboard in single chart not supporting

Hi ,

I am trying to create a line chart in newrelic using terraform newrelic_one_dashboard , but newrelic have the limitation to support only 20 queries . I am reading value from a json file and dynamically creating the line chart with multiple nrql blocks . How can I solve this limitation of 20 queries .I am having a single page and single widget_line with multiple nrql blocks that are dynamically getting generated .

I am planning to use a single query and use filter to get all the lines in a single chart . But I need to find a way to use something like below .

query = query + " where uri = "{nrql.value}"

I mean to append the query to its back while iterating through a map so that I can generate a single query out of it . (Append string while iterating )
Please help .

@ apparentlymart can you please help me on this

please help on this , I am kind of blocked in my current task .