NVME Support on vSphere

Hi guys,

Maybe this is an off-topic case for this channel since it’s about vSphere module feature for Terraform. Sorry in advance if this is the case.

The thing is… I’ve created a template using Packer with three attached NVME disks.


When I try to run Terraform for deploying an instance using this template, I get the message:

Error: there must be at least one disk specified

It seems that Terraform is not able to find the NVME disks attached (since the only supported options are pvscsi, buslogic, etc, but no mention to NVME), even though I add an extra_config informing NVME is present:

disk_size_gb = var.vmRootDiskSize
scsi_type = var.vmScsiType
extra_config = {
"nvme0.present" = "True"
"nvme0.0.present" = "True"

Has anyone come across this issue?

PS: If we deploy a new instance using the Template manually, the instance boots up as expected.


As per the documentation, scsi_type NVME is not supported.

Thanks for any suggestion or advice,