Official grafana dashboard

Is there (semi)-official grafana dashboard that would provide something that is equal or close to Nomad UI, but in grafana ?

Hi @AAverin,

There is no official HashiCorp Nomad Grafana dashboard, however, there are a number of community ones which might fit your requirements.

jrasell and the Nomad team

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Thanks, I checked them out already, unfortunately they don’t cut it.
I was hoping to get something close to an, honestly, ready dashboard for cluster overview and, ideally, official.

Started building my own dashboard and so far metrics look quite confusing.
I was expecting that: = + but on my single core cpu it is never the case

Same with memory, I expected that:
sum of all nomad_client_allocs_memory_usage per allocation would equal nomad_client_host_memory_used, but it is also never the case. If I add to the calculation allocated memory per allocation, it also doesn’t add up really.