Where is metrics used by Nomad web ui?

Nomad web UI has a beautiful dashboard for used resources on nomad clients, both for CPU and memory. It shows usage very clearly in MHZ and MiB in real-time. I have attached a screenshot of that dashboard.
My question is, which metrics are used for this dashboard? I have checked the documentation for metrics here , and found only three metrics with MHZ as a unit, they are - nomad.client.allocs.cpu.allocated, nomad.client.allocated.cpu, nomad.client.unallocated.cpu. I have checked them, and they expose how much CPU is allocated for tasks, but really don’t show how much CPU MHZ is really used in real-time, as I see in the dashboard. Is anyone could tell me which nomad metrics are used in WEB UI?

Hi @valafon,

The UI calculation for this can be seen here. It uses the read stats API endpoint to get the realtime usage denoted by the CPUTicksConsumed and Memory.Used return objects. It then calculates this as a percentage, against the CPU and Memory available on the client.

jrasell and the Nomad team