OIDC identity provider

Hi Team,

We would like to integrate Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) with AWS EKS Identity Provider Configuration using OIDC.

Currently, I am not sure about Terraform AWS provider module does have the feature of OIDC integration with Azure AD directly.

I am looking similar configure of terraform AWS provider module.

For example:

oidc {
client_id = “spn:xxxxxxxxxxxx”
groups_claim = “xxx”
groups_prefix = “aad:”
identity_provider_config_name = “eks-oidc”
issuer_url = “xxxxxx”
username_claim = “xxx”
username_prefix = “aad:”

The above configuration template getting from the below link for a different provider.


  1. how can I achieve this through terraform?
  2. Is it the only way to configure the OIDC identity provider to our cluster using eksctl?
    Authenticating users for your cluster from an OpenID Connect identity provider - Amazon EKS