Onboard OIDC/SAML Application in ForgeRock

I am posting this question to the community as I am looking for some suggestions, helpful guides which can help me implementing the design to achieve the below scenario:

Scenario: We have to automate the application onboarding for OIDC/SAML app. hosted in secure Auth to ForgeRock.

Design: Similar to any IAC tool where we declare the desired state using a yaml file, the same conecpt is said to be utilized. We would have a yaml file defining application details. Going through terraform registry, I found that there is no such provider defined for oidc/saml app onboarding by ForgeRock. Also, if we define a plugin for same we are restricted by the programming language (need to use Go for development). So, we need a kind of python script which can function similar to a provider in Terraform, reading through the desired application configuration from the yaml file and then making use of the rest api endpoint exposed by ForgeRock for creating the app.

Can anyone in the community please help me out here with any useful resources like any Github repo’s ,opensource project, docs which I can make use of to give me a starting point about how this can be implemented?

Um, sorry, so you’re posting in a Terraform forum, saying you’re rejecting Terraform as a solution, but could someone please help you write something in Python that works a bit like Terraform?!