[OPENSOURCE][Volunteer] CollAction makes positive impact by connecting people to Act Sustainably

Vision: CollAction makes positive impact by connecting people to solve collective action problems. We do so by hosting CrowdActions - (monthly) challenges that incentivise people to try new habits such as eating less meat, cleaning up the streets and visiting elderly. Let’s solve some Collective Action Problems!
Mission: Our native app, available in both App and Play Store, is designed such that friends/family/neighbours can easily join. Doing things together is a lot more fun! Furthermore, the app provides guidance to ensure everyone knows what to do. That’s how we try to make doing good fun & easy!
Dev Team: The CollAction development team has grown from 3 to 20+ volunteers, operating from countries like India, Uganda, Peru, Canada and Denmark. These are the heroes of CollAction that make everything possible, and consist mostly of professional engineers and late stage university students. NB: We have a professional designer that supports the dev team with any design needs.
Testers: CollAction is an Amsterdam-based non-profit Public Benefit Organisation. A group of volunteers is testing the app at companies, municipalities and organisations in that region. Based on their feedback we’re continuously improving the app. Furthermore, their payments ensure we can continue hosting in AWS.
Stack: Our native app and CMS are written in Flutter with a NestJS backend. Our Flutter code is opensource and can be found here. Our backend is closed source for security reasons.
How we collaborate: We try to continuously improve our way of collaboration. Luckily, given we are a Public Benefit Organisation, we get a lot of free stuff. :slightly_smiling_face: Over time we started using the tools listed below. Would you like to add something to this list? Let us know and we’ll try to get it done.

  • Slack Pro for communication
  • GitHub Pro for project management
  • GSuite for administration
  • Confluence for documentation
  • Figma for design
  • AWS & Azure for cloud using Terraform
  • Firebase for OTP and push messages
  • Vercel for website
  • Zoom for our weekly meeting at Tuesday 7pm CET (20-40m)
  • 1Password for password management

Would you like to contribute to a social cause and learn a lot as you go? Get in touch!
-The CollAction Team :slightly_smiling_face: