Seeking Terraform Open Source Backend Maintainers

Terraform is actively seeking maintainers for some of our remote state backends.

As a maintainer, you’ll participate in pull requests and issues for a given area of Terraform. For example, you could be working on the Postgres Backend. There is no expectation regarding time commitments or response frequency at this point. In addition to pull requests and issues, you’ll be helping us establish guidance and grow our contribution program.

If you’d like to participate in the Terraform project, head over to our codeowners file and submit a PR for a given area of code if it’s of interest. To contribute to an issue or learn about current contribution guidelines, check out our contributors guide.

Questions and concerns can be discussed openly here.


Is that a financially sustainable offer?

Unfortunately, I’m not clear what you’re asking @abitrolly - the link is a landing page that makes it difficult to quickly get context. The about page speaks to a conference.

This is an effort at an invitation to contribute to some areas of the Terraform codebase which interact with vendor-specific tooling. Terraform as a whole is strongly supported and sustained by HashiCorp and its partners — we are continuing to make investments and contributions to Open Source software both inside and outside HashiCorp.

Sorry if I was not clear enough. The forum is meant to discuss all aspects of sustainability of open source projects. What I want to know is - if the open source maintainers, who are being sought, are supposed to be paid?