How to start as Terraform contributor?


I create this topic because I need your feedbacks. I would like to spend my free time as Terraform contributor but I do not really know how to start. I am using Terraform and providers at work, but I would like to help the community and go deeper by contributing on GitHub.

I started to follow the and this documentation:

Do you know how could I start to contribute? What is the easy way to start? Is is better to work on the terraform-core? Or on providers?

I plan to start to work on enhancement or bugfix to a resource. Do you think it is a good way to start?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, Kevin.
Some time ago another great folk starts wrote series of posts about “How works Terraform”. Here is part 1 about TF backend locking. I think it can b useful for understanding how TF works and organize and it simplify starting your contributing way.

Also, you can look on issues with good first issue and documentation labels and resolve it. Same labels should be in providers repos too.

Where start? Not matter, you just need start doing what you’d like improve.

Maksym Vlasov,
HUG Kyiv org.

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