Help with terraform framework migration

Hey everyone,
I am currently working on migrating an AWS MediaTailor Terraform Provider and I am having many issues. Most of them come from me being still a student and not being all that familiar with it, and I was wondering if maybe anyone could take a few minutes up to an hour to help me navigate some issues and answer some questions about migrations, etc.
Please let me know if this is not an appropriate type of question, I am just unsure where else could I reach out for support like this.


The way this forum generally works is that people ask their questions, and if other people see them and are interested in responding, they do.

Almost everyone answering here is a volunteer, helping because they enjoy doing so. You do occasionally see HashiCorp employees posting as well - I don’t know whether that’s part of their job, or they’re just volunteering their own time too.

That means the two key things that determine whether questions get answered are:

  • How easy and quick has the question asker made it to answer the question?

  • How interesting is the question, and does the potential answerer have relevant skills?

There’s no rule that forbids questions like yours, but:

  • By asking for an interactive conversation, you’ve made your question hard to answer - in that it requires scheduling time, and figuring out an interactive communications method.

  • By giving very minimal information about the technical details, you’ve made it difficult to assess it for interest and skills match.

Therefore, whilst you’ve done nothing wrong by asking, it’s quite a lot to ask for someone to do for free - that’s more something I’d expect to see happening as paid consultancy.

I recommend you attempt to ask your questions in writing. By doing that, you make it easier for people to help you, and it becomes a more even exchange.

Hi there @isadoral, welcome to the HashiCorp discuss forums :wave: !

Since you mentioned you’re just starting out (exciting! :raised_hands:) I’ll provide some links to our documentation site that are hopefully useful.

Note: A good chunk of developer time is spent in curating and adjusting that documentation to be easy to consume, so that’s typically a good place to start. If you find incorrect documentation, you can submit an issue to the relevant GitHub repo, found with the “Edit this page on GitHub” link at the bottom. If you have a specific question, the discuss forums here are a great place for that!

I believe, based off a quick search, that this is the terraform provider you’re working on: GitHub - spring-media/terraform-provider-awsmt: A Terraform provider for AWS MediaTailor. Which looks like it’s still using the legacy SDK, commonly referred to in our documentation as SDKv2. I’m assuming you have been tasked with migrating the provider to the newer Plugin Framework. Here are some recommended reading that should start moving you in the right direction:

Some developer prefer tutorial-style learning and while we don’t have a migration tutorial specifically, we do have tutorials for both SDKv2 and Plugin Framework for creating a new provider, which you may find useful resources:

Hopefully some of these resource will be useful to start moving you in the direction of migrating your terraform provider, and if you run into problems once you’ve started, as @maxb mentioned, the more detail you can provide in future Discuss posts, the better! Things like:

  • GitHub links to code
  • Error messages (links to failing CI tests, such as GitHub action/workflows)

Thanks for posting! :wave: