Openstack authentication

the microstack.openstack project recently enabled/required tls authentication as outlined here: Add TLS OpenStack API endpoints · 064aae8458 - microstack - OpenDev: Free Software Needs Free Tools
I am working on deploying an openstack cluster using a terriform example and as a result of the change above I receive an unknown signed cert error when trying to create an openstack network.

I have set the parameters on the cli using the openstack.rc file, and I can successfully create servers using the openstack cli. However, when I try to use terraform to create instances, I receive an unsigned cert error. An example snippet from

data "openstack_networking_network_v2" "terraform" {
name = "${var.pool}"

And the error I receive when calling ‘terraform plan’:

Error: Error creating OpenStack networking client: Post "": OpenStack connection error, retries exhausted. Aborting. Last error was: x509: certificate signed by unknown authority

with data.openstack_networking_network_v2.terraform,
on line 1, in data "openstack_networking_network_v2" "terraform":
1: data "openstack_networking_network_v2" "terraform" {

Is there a way to either ignore the certificate error, so that I can successfully use terraform to create the openstack cluster?