Options to experiment with Terraform language without deploying

I like to experiment with Terraform language features such as for_each map, object, and lookup without deploying anything.
The problem is right now; I have to use them with a real provider like Azure or Amazon.

Is there any way to experiment and learn the Terraform language itself without actually deploying anything?

There are multiple providers that don’t deploy anything, I’m sure you could do something fun by combining the random provider, time provider and the local provider.

HI @hspecter758,

just a few days ago, I explored AWS and Azure provider configurations and noticed that those provide few skip_* options.
Having set those terraform plan can be executed with having the need for valid credentials. Obviously changes of deployments cannot be evaluated.
Unfortunately It only worked for AWS for me.

provider aws {
  skip_credentials_validation = true
  skip_requesting_account_id = true
  region = "eu-west-1"