Oracle connection_url within sysdba

i am testing vault for rotate of user password in oracle db.
i have created a db_user (vaultadmin) and configured in vault
11g version, everthing is ok. all user (include sys user) passwords are rotated depenping on period_time.
however at 19c version there is a problem to changing sys password. because after the 12c version, in order to change the sys password, it is only necessary to connect with sysdba privileges.

is it possible to write connection_url with sysdba priviledge?

How can I get rotate the sys user password for 19c version?


Well Vault is rotating it’s own user’s password, so why would it need sysdba to do that? That would mean no user could change their own password.
Just to be clear … Vault wouldn’t change ‘sys’ password … it would change the ‘vaultadmin’ password.