Packer Community Update

Hello HashiCorp Community,

HCP Packer provides build automation for Terraform workflows, and is now Generally Available. HashiCorp now offers a plan that tracks 10 images per month for free. There’s a blog about the release with details about how it works and what’s new. Here are a few of the highlights.

Tracking Images with Custom Metadata

Track every image and iteration using your own custom tags that can specify how and where images should be used. Using the HCP Packer API, your teams can then query images based on this custom metadata, which better equips them to use the right image across downstream builds and provisioning pipelines.

Enforcing Image Compliance

Simplify the process of deprecating old or potentially insecure images. HCP Packer now enables you to set End of Life (EOL) dates for images, as well as revoke them immediately should they present a security risk.

Integration with Terraform Cloud

Use Terraform Cloud run tasks to enforce image compliance. Terraform Cloud Business users can set up a run task that checks a Terraform configuration for non-compliant images, and will flag any that are designated for revocation in HCP Packer.

As mentioned previously, HCP Packer is free for practitioners and simplifies build management for Terraform workflows using the HCP provider for Terraform.

HCP Packer is free for up to 10 images, and 250 API requests. Get started with one of the new HCP Packer Learn guides.

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