Source packer image from A project bucket and push target image to B project bucket

I am testing Golden Image workflow for HCP packer. Consider I have 2 different projects ‘golden-images’ and ‘applications’ with their own buckets for different kind of images and version.
I want to use these golden images and bake new images within other project applications.

I tried to use data source for sourcing image from golden-image project.
As far as I know, I can export single set of service principle credentials for HCP packer of either source image project or target image project.

Can you please guide me on this problem, how to use cross project images in packer? Is there any ‘alias’ functionality available like in terraform to use different set of credentials for resources?

Hi @prashant.bhosale,

I don’t currently use Packer in my role, but if you have a service principal at the project level, have you tried creating a service principal at the org level? Org level users should have access to all projects. You’ll see a message stating that when you are in the IAM menu at the org level like this: