Packer File Provisioner not working Server2016+

So, previously, we were using packer just fine (v1.8) with Server 2012r2 within GCP. However, we’ve been tasked with upgrading to server 2022. We’ve tried 2022, 2019, and 2016, all with the same results. In a provisioner, file transfer, we have it set to transfer a folder with a few small files (certificates and executables) however, it will not transfer these files (And we’re only talking 100MB T-O-T-A-L). We’ve upped the build machine specs as well as the temporary instance machine specs (4cpu/16gb ram, 80GB SSD)
We’re out of ideas…if we take the executables (there’s two) out of the folder and only leave in the certs and a text file; it processes just fine.

Sort of a small update…so we took the two executables out of the folder and set up a provisioner stanza for each by themselves…looks like it’s working now, BUUUT, for the first file (51MB) it’s going to take FIFTEEN MINUTES! Is that just because WinRM within Win2016+ is horrible, or what? Our 2012r2 took NOWHERE near that long.