Packer image with EFI firmware reverts to BIOS firmware when deploying from a content library

Hey gang, I previously posted this over at the Packer repo but was also told to post in here. Appreciate your effort and time to reply all!

Overview of the Issue

I have several Packer images. These range from Linux to Windows. All set with the firmware of EFI. I recently tried utilising Packer to clone/import to a content library. The import as works intended and all appear as OVF templates in the content library.

However, when deploying a new VM of the OVF template from the content library, all VMs revert to BIOS firmware. Of course, this now means machines fail to boot as they are EFI built. This occurs whether I use Packer to upload to the content library or manually do it myself from the Packer template.

I have tried creating a manual template. Then cloned it to the content library for use as an OVA template. I do not get the same issue as above. All VMs deployed from the content library stay consistent in EFI firmware.

I have seen several posts, but there seems to be no guidance on how one solves this? Could I get your assistance, please?

Reproduction Steps

Packer template image. Packer upload to the content library. Deploy manually from the OVA in the content library. The virtual machine will revert to BIOS firmware, thus breaking boot.


Packer 1.7.6
Packer-Plugin-vSphere 1.0.1

Simplified Packer Template

Pardon the single file. It contains the variables, kickstart, source and builder:

Operating system and Environment details

Gitlab-runner: CentOS 7.9
OS images: AlmaLinux 8.4 and Windows 10, 2016 and 2019.
Environment: VMware Center 6.7U3

Log Fragments and crash.log files

Packer log: packer_log.txt ยท GitHub