Problem with EUFI and vpsere-iso

Hello,so far I used packer vpshere-iso template for Linux debian 11 VM with firmware = bios and had no problems,but after I had to know firmware = efi the problem came. When I change firmware to be on efi and when running packer build the VM starts to create but in the first screen it selects Advanced Optins/Rescue mode and Russian and stops the automated install and asks me to continue manually,and when it is firmware bios the automation works and its selects install then English creates the VM without stopping. I provide you.pkr.hcl which I use. I would be grateful for ideas for a solution

source "vsphere-iso" "debian" {

  vcenter_server        = var.vsphere_server
  host                  = var.vsphere_host
  username              = var.vsphere_username
  password              = var.vsphere_password
  insecure_connection   = "true"
  datacenter            = var.vsphere_datacenter
  datastore             = var.vsphere_datastore

  CPUs                  = var.cpu_num
  RAM                   = var.mem_size
  RAM_reserve_all       = true
  disk_controller_type  = ["pvscsi"]
  guest_os_type         = var.vsphere_guest_os_type
  iso_paths               = var.os_iso_paths
 cd_label              = "cidata"
  network_adapters {
    network             = var.vsphere_network
    network_card        = "vmxnet3"

  storage {
    disk_size             = var.disk_size
  firmware              = "efi"
  vm_name               = var.vsphere_vm_name
  convert_to_template   = "false"
  communicator          = "ssh"
  ssh_username          = var.ssh_username
  ssh_password          = var.ssh_password
  ssh_timeout           = "30m"
  ssh_handshake_attempts = "100000"

  boot_order            = "disk,cdrom,floppy"
  boot_wait             = "3s"
  boot_command        = ["<esc><wait>auto url=<enter>"]

#  shutdown_command      = "echo '${var.ssh_password}' | sudo -S -E shutdown -P now"
#  shutdown_timeout      = "15m"
  configuration_parameters = {
    "disk.EnableUUID" = "true"

build {
  sources = ["source.vsphere-iso.debian"]

provisioner "ansible" {
  playbook_file = "ansible/server.yml"

okay,i learn that boot command is the problem,in efi esc dont work,what should work ?

The boot_command supports <up>, <down> and <enter>, so you should be able to choose the right menu choice in UEFI if that’s your issue.