Packer support for govmomi 0.27

Running into an issue with Packer and multiple port groups with the same name.

With the new go mini 0.27, it calls out that with NSX, portgroups can have the same name, even within the same switch, and that you can use a switch UUID or segment ID as both are considered to be unique in the environment.

The question now is whether or not Packer will leverage the segment ID when passed in as some kind of name.


Looks like Packer is using govmomi 0.26.1 and support for using the Segment ID was added in 0.27.

[packer-plugin-vsphere/go.mod at 44383608b1c4d0791e7e0b903ecfa99006d285a7 · hashicorp/packer-plugin-vsphere · GitHub]

  • This shows that Packer is requiring govmomi 0.26.1

I am not sure what the process is to get Packer to use 0.27, but it sounds like that is the next step in order for the Segment ID to be useful.

Any ideas or suggestions?