Vsphere_portgroup_name requirements

Out vcenter portgroup name has a slash in the name, anyway to allow packet to use them?

This one works: 24-LINUX
vsphere_portgroup_name = “SEG-P-VLAN-0747-XX.XX.XX.XX-24-LINUX_NONPROD”

This one does not: /24-LINIX
vsphere_portgroup_name = “SEG-P-VLAN-9004-XX.XX.XX.XX/24-LINUX001”

error creating vm: network ‘SEG-P-VLAN-9004-XX.XX.XX.XX/24-LINUX001’ not found

Ive tried escaping the /24 , /24

vsphere_portgroup_name = “SEG-P-VLAN-9004-XX.XX.XX.XX/24-LINUX001”
The symbol “/” is not a valid escape sequence selector.

I tried replacing 2x quotes with single

vsphere_portgroup_name = ‘SEG-P-VLAN-9004-XX.XX.XX.XX/24-LINUX001’
Expected the start of an expression, but found an invalid expression token.