Packer upgrade from v1.5.1 to v1.5.5

i am using the version 1.5.1 and i am trying to upgrade to 1.5.5. so I downloaded the latest packer version from the official website:

after downloading and unzipping the file I am seeing the packer file which is of 25th march and when i move it to my /usr/local/packer folder it says the date of the packer file is 25th march.

checking the version still shows the same v1.5.1. could you please help me in upgrading my packer version.

what is output of the command which packer ?
using the full path to binary, what is the version?
is an existing process of packer in memory?


[root@packer-node ~]# /usr/sbin/packer version
Packer v1.5.1

Your version of Packer is out of date! The latest version
is 1.5.5. You can update by downloading from
[root@packer-node ~]#

So you’ll have to put your new packer binary into /usr/sbin or update your $PATH to use /usr/local, too. But first come, first serve: the old binary in /usr/sbin has to die.

You could use the full path to, but that’s not handy: /usr/local/packer --version

it worked for me. thanks buddy