Packer v1.10.1 released

Hello Packer Community,

The Packer team is excited to announce the release of Packer 1.10.1.

This release contains enhancements for publishing built artifacts to the HCP Packer registry, security updates to address reported CVEs with the Go tooling, and a deprecation notice for mono-component plugins in Packer.
For a complete list of changes, you can refer to the CHANGELOG.

Notable Changes

HCP Packer Nomenclature

The HCP Packer registry API now follows an artifact-agnostic approach for publishing and consuming built artifacts. To best support the new approach, HCP Packer components within Packer 1.10.1 will now use updated nomenclature when publishing, including two new HCP Packer data source components for consuming HCP Packer stored artifacts. The data source components hcp-packer-version and hcp-packer-artifact respectively replace, the now deprecated, hcp-packer-iteration and hcp-packer-image component data sources.
The added changes are fully compatible with all existing HCP Packer workflows and do not warrant any immediate template changes by the user. However, we encourage all HCP Packer users to visit the updated HCP Packer CHANGELOG to familiarize themselves with the nomenclature changes.

Mono-component plugin deprecation

Historically, Packer has supported the loading of mono-component plugins such as packer-builder-happy-cloud or packer-provisioner-comment. With the release of Packer 1.7.0, we introduced a multi-component plugin framework, which allowed plugin developers to consolidate components into a single namespace for supporting various component types. As we continue our journey to streamline the plugin framework and enhance our tooling for managing plugins, we will remove support for mono-components in Packer 1.11.0.
This deprecation is merely a notice that we will no longer support mono-components in future releases and encourage all plugin developers to move to the multi-component framework, documented with working examples at the Developing Packer Plugins and Packer Plugin Scaffolding pages.

As always, thank you for your continued support and contributions.

The Packer Team