Parallel Build Question

I am using Packer to build different OS images, targeting different platforms and different versions of each OS.

I have automation in place to allow me to build all of these images at the same time on the same physical machine.

When I kick off my builds (building 9 different images), I noticed that Packer is only building 1 image at a time and queues the others. When one of the builds completes, Packer starts building the next image. This behavior continues until all images have been created.

Here is the build command I am using:

  • packer build -on-error=abort config.json

Each build happens in a separate space on the OS, with it’s own files/configs.

Documentation for the build command suggests that Packer will build in parallel by default (-parallel-builds=0).

My assumption is that running in parallel also means concurrently. Is my assumption wrong? Is there a way to force Packer to build in parallel and concurrently?

Build Environment:

  • Packer Version:1.5.1
  • RHEL 7.7
  • 96 cores
  • 384GB Ram