Pass list of strings to json

I have a variable called: email

variable "prod_ops_email_recipients" {
  type = list(string)
    default = [ "email_address_1@com","email_address_2@com" ]

I used join function and format to have an array

locals {
    user_email = [join(", ", [for s in var.prod_ops_email_recipients : format("%q", s)])]

resource "sumologic_content" "test_email" {
  parent_id = "000000000157AD40"

  config = templatefile("${path.root}/template/test_email.json",
    email = local.user_email.*.id

I see in terraform console that is the expected output

> [join(", ", [for s in var.prod_ops_email_recipients : format("%q", s)])]
  "\"email_address_2@com\", \"email_address_2@com\"",

However, I would like to pass in the following variable email with all both values to the following json (on field “toList”)

------ output omitted --------------- 
        "notification": {
            "taskType": "EmailSearchNotificationSyncDefinition",
            **"toList":  "${email}",**
            "subjectTemplate": "Subject",
            "includeQuery": true,
            "includeResultSet": true,
------ output omitted ---------------

At the end I would like to have something like:
“toList”: "[
“email_address_2@com”, “email_address_2@com”,


I have solved it with the following:

module "module-ops" {
  source = "./source/"
  prod_ops_email_recipients = jsonencode(var.prod_ops_email_recipients)

In the resource

resource "sumologic_content" "test_email" {
  config = templatefile("${path.root}/templates\test_email.json",
    email = var.prod_ops_email_recipients

And in my json the variable is without quotes.

            "toList":  ${email},

Works as I expected. Is there any way to modify this in order the json has the quotes? (in VS code it states its not a valid json… but its working)