Passing 'docker run' options to Waypoint

I would like to spin up a Hashicorp Vault instance using Waypoint with Docker. The official Vault image documentation on Docker Hub (Docker Hub) states that in order to run Vault in server mode the --cap-add option with value IPC_LOCK should be set as part of the docker run command. How is it possible to set docker run options in Waypoint?

I believe that’s not supported as of today.
Waypoint currently only takes a few host config as shown below:

You can see all the supported HostConfig struct fields below:

In order to support the --cap-add CLI option, CapAdd needs to be set selectively at least.
Could you submit a new issue on our GitHub repo? Issues · hashicorp/waypoint · GitHub


Thank you for confirming what I had suspected. I will submit an issue on GitHub.

Just out of curiosity, is there a workaround for this using either Nomad, Kubernetes, or even just Traefik?