How to host the server with own domain name and SSL cert?

I’m missing canonical instructions on how to host the Waypoint server in docker behind an nginx/caddy reverse proxy using my own domain name and letsencrypt SSL?

Ideally I’d want to use either Dokku or Caprover to provide the HTTPS config etc.

I was running commands like

docker run -p 9701:9701 -p 9702:9702 hashicorp/waypoint:latest server run -accept-tos -db /tmp/db -listen-http -listen-grpc

but then wasnt sure how to bootstrap the server etc, or define public host names?

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This is the section of the docs that I believe will help you most: Running a Server | Waypoint by HashiCorp

Since Waypoint 0.2.0 we allow specifying custom TLS certs, you can find those docs here: Waypoint Server in Production | Waypoint by HashiCorp (and also the server run CLI docs).

Please let us know if you have any other questions.