Please segregate docs for dev setups

Thank you for greatly expanding the docs of late. One request… PLEASE separate out the instructions from the dev guide. Every doc I read I have to poke around and read through lots of unrelated dev instructions and pick out which steps apply to production installs.

bunch of commands relates only to boundary dev setup
command that applies to all instances
more stuff that relates only to boundary dev setup
something else I need to know

This isn’t easy, and often I do I step that doesn’t apply to non-dev setups, or miss a step. I totally get that most people reading your docs are playing with dev setups, but please reduce the cognitive load for people who are not. Make the docs clear for all steps, and then provide the dev setups separately or at least marked clearly with background changes, etc.

I second this.
Sifting through the documentation has been fairly difficult. Luckily I’ve been able to stumble into some success with an MVP type setup, but definitely not for a production ready env.

Understanding that this documentation is probably still evolving, it’s confusing to find what is needed for using HCP Boundary to replace a VPN behind private endpoints, for example.

Can you provide some specific examples here? Dev mode is just normal Boundary pre-populated with some resources and a database that has been created for you. There shouldn’t be much that is dev-specific.

I’d also love to hear more on this topic as we look at expanding and refining the documentation. Very little content is directly related to dev mode outside of the “Getting Started” content, so I would love to see what confusion is being created with the current structure.

Thanks for your feedback! We take it to heart, and want to hear it as we look to make the docs more useful.