Any actual documentation for production installation on-premise?

Hello, everybody!
Trying to install and configure non-dev Boundary for production environment on-premise.
Tried to use Running Boundary in Non-Dev Environments | Boundary | HashiCorp Developer this article but stuck with stuck with accessing the admin console UI

What kind of issue are you having with access to the admin UI?

As for now, after yesterday’s workaround with Ansible role from GitHub - ansible-community/ansible-role-boundary: 🚧 Ansible role to install HashiCorp Boundary., I was able to run Boundary controller and worker, gain access to the UI from browser, but now I’m not able to connect to Boundary with Boundary Desktop. Where can I find detailed logs of Boundary Desktop, cause controller’s logs are OK, as I can see

Have you had any luck with your deployment?

I’m not sure about how to look at any issues Boundary Desktop is having, since it’s designed to be an end-user tool after the Boundary deployment has been set up and configured correctly

I assume you have some targets set up within the admin console. What happens when you attempt to connect to a target using the CLI?

boundary connect -target-id $TARGET_ID

I would also highly recommend exploring the reference architectures for different examples of deploying Boundary.