Boundary installation for an existing production environment


we have a production environment on AWS and would like to try out boundary.
I don’t seem to find any guide on how to install it on an existing environment.
ALL terraform modules that were provided are for new environments.
did anyone install the product on an existing AWS environment and can share his terraform files?


In terms of installing into an existing environment, a lot will depend on what already exists there and how you want to grant access to it. The simplest case would probably be to just Terraform some VMs that run a Vault cluster, a set of Boundary controllers and one or more Boundary workers into your existing VPCs and subnets – that will get you an installation you can start configuring and building on as needed. The details are so highly variable though, that I think it might be hard to provide a ready-to-use set of Terraform files you can just deploy.

That said… I may take a whack at doing so later tonight as it fits into a long-term model I’m working on for demoing Boundary. I’ll let you know if I come up with anything that looks like it might be useful.

Thank you for the reply.

I will try to play with what you said.