Boundary Terraform config not explained on hashicorp learn

Im actually trying to deploy a boundary server with terraform.
i have three machines : a raspberry / a machine running with ubuntu server and my pc.
I want to connect my pc to these machines with boundary through ssh.

My questions are:

Does i have to install ssh servers on my raspberrry and my ubuntu server machine to access to them through boundary with my pc.
I think its what i have to do BUT the problem is that i can access to these machines directly through ssh without boundary in this case.

i have an issue on my users accounts, i dont understand why, but all my users dont have any rights, i share u my github project if u want to look it quickly :

k4lii/terraform-boundary-POC: POC to test and deploy boundaryb server with terraform (

Maybe i just dont understand how work boundary and where i have to install the server.
So my question is maybe stupid but im student in computer science and i have to learn from u guys to be better.
Thx in advance.

Hi @k4lii - take a look at our reference architecture to better understand how to deploy Boundary. The AWS example breaks down a cloud architecture, but you could apply this to your local Raspberry PI environment too.

Regarding your permissions issue. It looks like you only have one role for admin at the org level. If you’re creating scopes and not auto-creating an admin role you’ll need to manually add this like we do in our ref architecture example.


TY a lot for ur answer @malnick, i have fixed my 2 issues and the architecture is clearer for me.
I finally succeed to deploy boundary through docker thx to the reference architechture.
All my config is OK, i can access to my boundary with my users.