Not able to setup controller and worker using this example given in this GitHub Repo

i ma following below GitHub repo to setup Boundary on AWS using Terraform. The infra is getting created successfully but when i SSH to worker and controller to see if the service is running or not i don’t see that it is running. I am using below command to check the status:

sudo systemctl status boundary-controller
sudo systemctl status boundary-worker

Also according to the instructions given in the GitHub Readme i am running below command to deploy the infra using terraform:

terraform apply -target -var boundary_bin=C:\Users\Lenovo\Downloads\Softwares\boundary_0.13.1_linux_386 -var pub_ssh_key_path=C:\Users\Lenovo\Desktop.ssh\

where boundary_bin is the path where the boundary bin for linux is downloaded and pub_ssh_key_path is the path to my public and private SSh keys.
Can someone please help me what am i not doing right here? Am i using the currect binary bin?

What do the systemctl commands tell you about the status of Boundary on the controllers and workers?