Boundary setup with 1 worker and 1 controller on individual ec2 instances

I am looking to setup boundary on aws. The config I want try is 1 controller and 1 worker. Is there a documentation available for installing worker and controller individually on separate ec2 instances? TIA.

The AWS reference architecture has separate controllers and workers. By default it sets up 1 worker and 2 controllers but you can change this by passing num_controllers = 1 in the aws module block in

Thank you for the response. I dont want to setup a highly available environment, but want to setup a controller on ec2, worker on another ec2, setup my custom postgres on aws. Is there a documentation for this kind of individuals setup?

For one controller and one worker you could use the reference architecture, then add this line in the module "aws" { ... } block in

num_controllers = 1

Then do the standard reference architecture deployment and it should give you one controller and one worker. You’ll still have a load-balancer in that configuration and if you scale up to multiple controllers through that Terraform later it should automatically start load-balancing between them.