Pricing details missing

I understand this is a community forum but without a phone number, the complete lack of any pricing information, and no reply from sales inquiry, I’m posting this here to get someone from HashiCorp to respond.

Where can I find pricing details for using Vault for secret storage in a purely on-premise solution?

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

If the features of the open-source version are enough, it’s totally free for on-prem.

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@Wolfsrudel: Thank you. That’s great. We read this on Vault product page:

Open source is aimed at individuals and addresses the technical complexity of providing one workflow to connect any service.

Enterprise is aimed at teams and organizations and addresses the organizational complexity of collaboration, governance, and multiple datacenters.

Is there something in writing that says on-premise usage is free? If so, please share.

We are doing are due diligence before we pick Vault for our secure storage needs.

Thanks again.

Hi @subatta,

The license for Vault’s open source code base is the Mozilla Public License 2.0. Compiled binaries of this source code are available via our downloads page. I think the license should suffice as documentation for your legal team.


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