Primary-auth-method update forbidden

I can’t set the authentication method as the primary. (in the UI also).


boundary scopes update -primary-auth-method-id amldap_hrbWzw8PoY -id global -token env://BOUNDARY_TOKEN


Error from controller when performing update on scope

Error information:
  Kind:                PermissionDenied
  Message:             Forbidden.
  Status:              403
  context:             Error from controller when performing update on scope

There is a grant in the project_admin role:


This role was created according to the instructions:

The configuration file is:

The system is deployed using compos:

But the initialization was not performed by the run script specified in the repository, but by the following instructions:

What rights do I lack to perform this action and what exactly should I try to do?

Does the user you’re using have a grant to update the global scope? I believe, in this case, you’re setting a property on a scope resource (the “primary auth method” for this scope), so I don’t think the auth-method grant applies in this action.