Procedure to Migrate from Vault Enterprise to vault OSS

Hi , Good day to everyone. Need a help on migrate my existing Enterprise license to OSS. Have anyone tried . Apart from premium support, will miss any features of enterprise. Please suggest the procedure to do.

Thanks in Advance

AFAIK there are no tools available to migrate from Enterprise to OSS. You have to dump all of your data, rebuild your cluster as OSS and then rebuild the paths, policies, auths, mounts, secrets. then import the data.

Thank you for your insight. Do we have to build OSS from scratch and plan the migration? I believe, all the features of enterprise license is available in OSS too. except premium support. correct me , if i am wrong

There are quite a few Enterprise only features, such as HSM support, performance/DR secondaries, sentinal, etc.

If you only use the “core” features that are common with the OSS version then yes you’d just be losing the support, but if you are using any of those features you’d need to change how you do things/look for alternative solutions (e.g. moving from HSM to a cloud based autounsealing or the manual option).

Thank you Stuart. I am not finding the exact features comparison between Enterprise vs OSS. can you pls share any info on that.

Check the bottom of the menu on the left to go into specific features.

A while back I made the mistake of running my server with the “work” enterprise binary (this is when the license was built into the binary for each client - 1.7.5 I believe). It opened just fine, but then I realized my mistake a month later … I had updated a few secrets and updated one policy but that was all. When I tried to just switch out the binary it would no longer open the data, the error was unable to decrypt.

I restored my OSS version from backups on S3 and re-did my changes. I have not tried since. YMMV.

namespaces are also an add on in Enterprise.