Prometheus metrics seem incomplete

I have Prometheus metrics enabled in HCP Vault 1.8 and it’s feeding into Grafana. However, it seems a lot of the values are NaN or outright missing. Imported the Grafana dashboard for the cloud Vault (I know it’s different but probably similar) and it comes with avg by(mount_point) (vault_secret_kv_count{cluster_id=""}) as a widget. The widget is blank and when I search Prometheus for vault_secret_kv_count it doesn’t exist. Are there toggles I need to set to enable certain metrics? Or does the cloud Vault provide a very different set of metrics?

telemetry exposes everything, so the rest is up to Prometheus to capture. I used to have the same setup and remember having to tweak some items to get the most out of the dashboard but don’t remember the actual changes or why I had to.

Most likely whatever dashboard you imported is looking at the wrong keys. Start with the datastore and check what data is in there.

[ EDIT: Sorry I just realized you were asking about HCP. That’s a whole other beast, and the post above related to on-prem. ]

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I should be clear I’m doing an on-premises Vault installation but trying to use the HCP Grafana dashboard since it’s new and updated. It appears to have most of the data I’m looking for so I’m good for the moment. It seems more data is coming in from when I first posted.

HCP = Hashicorp Cloud Platform … I don’t think they have a Grafana.