Proxmox: create macOS VM without "media=cdrom"


(This is a re-post of Issues · hashicorp/packer-plugin-proxmox · GitHub)

I am trying to setup deploying a macOS VM using Proxmox (legally, it is running on an old iMac, which fits Apple’s license). For this I am following this guide:

I was able to run this manually, but since we will reinstalling the macOS instances regularly, I would like to deploy this using Packer.

Steps 24/25 instruct to remove the media=cdrom part of the ide0 and ide2 devices and add cache=unsafe instead.

24. Press CTRL+W and search for ,media=cdrom
25. Delete the ,media=cdrom from the two attached .iso files (KVM OpenCore and Sonoma) and add cache=unsafe

I succeeded in adding cache=unsafe by adding this to the iso_file config:

  iso_file = "storage:iso/OpenCore-v20.iso,cache=unsafe"

Is there a way in which I can keep the system from adding media=cdrom to the ide devices?