Question about Amazon MQ with a CLUSTER_MULTI_AZ deployment for RabbitMQ using Terraform Cloud

I’m creating 3-node cluster with CLUSTER_MULTI_AZ deployment mode for RabbitMQ in Terraform Cloud.
my requirement is, i need to use existing VPC and subnets which is created earlier.

resource "aws_mq_broker" "rabbitmq-cloud-test" {
  broker_name                = var.broker_name
  subnet_ids           = [[0],[1],[2]
  engine_type                = var.engine_type
  engine_version             = var.engine_version
  host_instance_type         = var.host_instance_type
  deployment_mode            = var.deployment_mode
  apply_immediately          = var.apply_immediately
  auto_minor_version_upgrade = var.auto_minor_version_upgrade
  publicly_accessible        = var.publicly_accessible
  security_groups            = []  ### you will need to create a security group within the same build
  user {
    username = var.username
    password = var.password

maintenance_window_start_time {
  day_of_week = var.day_of_week
  time_of_day = var.time_of_day
  time_zone   = var.time_zone

Terraform Cloud AWS Provider Version
Terraform v1.17 Terraform AWS Provider “>= 3.35”

Affected Resource(s)

Expected Behavior:
I was expecting that the broker is created in the given existing VPC and subnets.

Actual Behavior
The issue is hear, Plan of this is successful, but while applying the changes getting below error,
Error: BadRequestException: Subnets must belong to the same VPC. { RespMetadata: { StatusCode: 400, RequestID: “b56b17c8-309f-4457-9eef-734ad6cbcfcc” }, ErrorAttribute: “subnetIds”, Message_: “Subnets must belong to the same VPC.” }
with aws_mq_broker.rabbitmq-cloud-test
on line 11, in resource “aws_mq_broker” “rabbitmq-cloud-test”:
resource “aws_mq_broker” “rabbitmq-cloud-test” {

Not able to found any suitable resources, any help would be appreciated.