Terraform remote state in Google Cloud

I created a vpc and a subnet and I want to use this information to deploy Managed Instance group within this vpc and network. I am using Terraform version 0.12.6. Here is what I have so far not sure what I need to add when trying to add this to get the value.
data “terraform_remote_state” “vpc” {
backend = “gcs”
config = {
bucket = “bucket_name”
prefix = “terraform/state/vpc”

resource “google_compute_instance_template” “default” {
project = “{var.project_id}" name_prefix = "{var.name}”
region = “{var.region}" machine_type = "{var.machine_type}”
tags = “{var.target_tags}" labels = "{var.labels}”

network_interface {
subnetwork = “{data.terraform_remote_state.vpc.id}" this I get lost subnetwork_project = "{var.subnetwork_project}”