Question on starting agent without joining servers initially

Hi there,

I have a question regarding if we have a way to start consul agent without joining in the consul servers initially. From what I tried so far, I only saw “retry_join” option, which delays the startup until the server joining succeeded.

My use case here is to reuse the consul agent’s health check capability, and have a local service to check the consul agent’s report and dispatch anycast ip. I did see consul agent could work even all consul servers are down, but it seems like if consul agent is restarted when all consul servers are down, then consul agent could not start.

Looking forward to the response.


Hey @lordofire

I see this is your first post so welcome to the HashiCorp community!

Could you provide some context on the use case around re-using health-check capability and what exactly that means? Also, when you say ’ dispatch anycast ip ’ , are you trying to expose the Consul API endpoint?